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27th July 2016

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26th July 2016

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24th July 2016

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23rd July 2016

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21st July 2016

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20th July 2016

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17th July 2016

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15th July 2016

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11th July 2016

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8th July 2016

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  • Fri, 01:08: RT @mistressmatisse: Often - for example, Maya Angelou - it's erased from someone's past if they become famous. But I'd love to see a list…

6th July 2016

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5th July 2016

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4th July 2016

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2nd July 2016

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15th June 2016

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6th June 2016

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2nd June 2016

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31st May 2016

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  • Tue, 11:09: RT @fatneckbeardguy: If you want to report suspicious bathroom activity in NC, here's a number you can call and a script you can use. https…
  • Tue, 11:51: RT @HeerJeet: Best thing for America would be a clean Clinton victory. Dummy Bill Kristol's 3rd party move just creating stabbed in back my…

29th May 2016

12:00pm: My tweets
  • Sat, 13:11: RT @jeremyscahill: Finally a Democratic candidate with a notably different position than GOP on drones. Oh, right. She's not a Democrat htt…
  • Sat, 13:15: RT @billplein: I don’t run an ad-blocker. I run a privacy filter. If your ads have trackers, only then will they be blocked. (and they all…
  • Sat, 16:33: A commentary on party duopoly in the USA. https://t.co/vR3XeXESGf

28th May 2016

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26th May 2016

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22nd May 2016

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  • Sun, 11:45: At this point, I'm regretting having caucused for Sanders and regretting ever having spoken up in support of his candidacy.
  • Sun, 11:49: RT @EmilyGorcenski: Okay so here's a thing: I never, ever, ever, ever, ever want to watch a video to learn how to use your software, your…

21st May 2016

12:00pm: My tweets
  • Fri, 21:37: I think it's pretty cool that I can promote Bernie Worrell's business interests just by https://t.co/va2dkimQ2X
  • Sat, 01:13: I shouldn't tweet on #nevertrump, but really, why aren't you guys all campaigning for Gary Johnson right now? I have to ask.
  • Sat, 01:26: If you're a bar DJ in a bar I like, please don't play obscure Beatles songs. I've heard most of them too many times, and I loathe most.

19th May 2016

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