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4th May 2016

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2nd May 2016

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30th April 2016

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29th April 2016

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  • Thu, 13:53: Finished reading both /Ammonite/ and Plato's Gorgias (which had been on hiatus) yesterday.

28th April 2016

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26th April 2016

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  • Mon, 18:54: I'm finally reading @nicolaz's first novel /Ammonite/ and enjoying it very much. Looking forward to /Hild/.

21st April 2016

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12th April 2016

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  • Mon, 21:38: I'm really glad I'm not famous, because I keep typing replies to famous people and then not sending them. I'd hate for that to happen to me.
  • Mon, 21:40: RT @citsciwatermpca: Buffers strips and their positive effect on Minnesota's water quality https://t.co/Oaf3hXQhet https://t.co/Gtn3G23RVf
  • Mon, 21:41: RT @ClinicEscort: Remember, there's a hearing this month to decide Robert Dear's competency for trial. Me? I'd love for the world to hear w…
  • Mon, 22:14: @omriceren I've been looking over my latest new followers and you are the only one I don't find uninspiring. Do you read Michael Chabon?
  • Mon, 23:50: Socrates and the Fat Rabbis. I'm supposed to be reading it, and the only reason I haven't started is the discombobulation of my life.

29th March 2016

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  • Mon, 20:27: RT @isislovecruft: PSA: Dear SF, it turns out Lisbon has a Golden Gate Bridge, better prices, better people, cablecars, and 7 hills. https:…

27th March 2016

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22nd March 2016

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21st March 2016

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20th March 2016

3:05pm: Move update.
So I have moved about a quarter to a third of my books to the new place so far this weekend, and will be working on that some more today. I just reserved a U-Haul van for Tuesday, March 29 to move the sofa, large bookcases, etc.
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5:07am: My mom was a champ at keeping up with contemporary popular music. I suck at it by comparison. I started listening to the Pixies after they broke up, White Stripes, likewise. You can guess what years I started listening to Morphine, Nirvana, and Nine Inch Nails. But never have I felt so late to the party as now.

I even lived in Minneapolis 1986-1990, but my fave bands back then were Trip Shakespeare and Boiled in Lead. And I am not so idiotic as to have avoided learning of the music of Prince. And I had heard a couple Husker Du songs.

Grant Hart's song "Don't Want to Know if you are Lonely", off Candy Apple Grey. Just really listened to it well while paying attention for the first time. If we meet some place where you are the DJ this year, just play Husker Du for me. I think I will be okay with that.
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16th March 2016

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12th March 2016

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8th March 2016

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6th March 2016

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11:41am: Moving at end of March
Twin Cities folks: I have gotten myself into a situation in which I have to move, and will have to move on weekdays. This is from one location inside Minneapolis to another, and the days I will be free to work on the move are Monday, March 28, through Wednesday, March 30. The landlord wants the place completely vacant and clean by noon on Thursday. A lot of you will be recovering from Minicon on Monday (or all week) so I know this is pretty crazy of me to expect any help at all, but I thought I should just put this out there. My housemate, with whom I have many friends in common, will probably benefit from help as well.

ETA: I do not have a lot of stuff, but I have a sofa and a couple of large bookcases that will be difficult to move downstairs by myself. I'm moving from an upstairs apartment in Harrison to a ground-floor apartment in Longfellow.

5th March 2016

2:32am: I just ranted this elsewhere, but thought it good enough for LJ.
Let me make my foreign policy position plain. I am a citizen of the United States of America. When I think about the dangers that can afflict me as such, the main thing I worry about is where on the planet are there people who are getting bombs dropped on their heads that they attribute to the USA. That's what makes me feel unsafe. Please stop that sort of thing. I don't know about you, but I take the possibility of retribution very seriously. And furthermore, I think there are ways we can settle our disagreements that are vastly superior to aerial bombing, by drones or otherwise.

2nd March 2016

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28th February 2016

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18th February 2016

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