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14th January 2017

12:00pm: My tweets
  • Sat, 01:04: RT @LouisatheLast: Okay, people who live in Republican districts. Every member of the House is up for reelection in 2018. Start researching…

5th January 2017

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4th January 2017

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2nd January 2017

12:00pm: My tweets
  • Mon, 02:00: It's a tough row to hoe, but there's only one way to go. We must destroy the nation-states and assemble a government to control the wealthy
  • Mon, 02:26: RT @tithenai: The last sentence of #Middlemarch & I'm trying not to cry in a public place. https://t.co/WATM8DXdx1
  • Mon, 02:27: RT @Bibliogato: *whispers to the world* hire women to write about Carrie Fisher not men *that* would be honoring her legacy.
  • Mon, 03:13: Should have known better than to cheat a friend; the wasted chance that I've been given. Though it's easy to pretend, you know I'm not a foo
  • Mon, 03:21: Time clocks count sometimes. https://t.co/HhAZFxL8ua
  • Mon, 03:23: I have said it before and I'll say it again, nation-states are the ruling class's way of avoiding governance in the interests of the planet.
  • Mon, 03:43: Now is the time to take them down. Haven't I given you enough clues yet?
  • Mon, 03:44: Right now is the time.

31st December 2016

12:00pm: My tweets
  • Fri, 18:22: RT @summerbrennan: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran minister murdered by the Nazis in 1945, on stupidity and the rise of fascist power https…
  • Fri, 18:28: RT @jfkeeler: The Woman Who Convinced Us That Dark Matter Existed Was Never Awarded a Nobel Prize https://t.co/YpMbnn3Qnc
  • Sat, 01:59: Don't mind me, I'm just gibbering in a corner here binge-watching Orphan Black, because Canada makes the best teevee shows.
  • Sat, 02:01: I've been told that #cloneclub is open all night long.

30th December 2016

12:00pm: My tweets
  • Thu, 18:26: RT @anthoknees: I. Don't. Care. If. I. Alienate. White. People.
  • Thu, 18:29: RT @tithenai: The last sentence of #Middlemarch & I'm trying not to cry in a public place. https://t.co/WATM8DXdx1
  • Thu, 18:33: I grew up in a climate of heavy sanctions against Cuba, and then Iran, so I'm suspicious of them. But this time it… https://t.co/EKIECFOzT7
  • Thu, 19:00: RT @arthur_affect: Finally created a site to be a hub for my speaking career. Please share w all your diversity event planner friends! http…
  • Thu, 19:05: I think I understand why people found Amanda Palmer's remark about a great new renaissance of art so offensive. It was predictable, to start
  • Thu, 19:14: Let's face facts. Internet trolls are a problem. What produces them? Where do they come from? I don't know, but I'd like to find out.
  • Thu, 19:41: Interesting if true. U of Chi dude weighs in: I enjoyed reading it. https://t.co/unBIyh6QtM
  • Thu, 20:32: Shareholders dump Jack. Policies and controls are not how you rid your platform of Nazis. https://t.co/F75r7WtYeB
  • Thu, 20:32: RT @Karoli: Mitch McConnell, James Comey, others intentionally aided and abetted foreign aggression against American democracy. https://t.c…
  • Thu, 20:35: All the shit that's happened this year, and I'm crying and sobbing about Carrie Fisher. I present you all with my middle finger in her honor
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29th December 2016

12:00pm: My tweets
  • Thu, 01:16: RT @Bibliogato: *whispers to the world* hire women to write about Carrie Fisher not men *that* would be honoring her legacy.
  • Thu, 01:17: Yeah, but we hope that by then the big-name pundits will have caught on, and will be able to publish appropriate sn… https://t.co/dTlkGAbieH
  • Thu, 01:27: I thoroughly approve of how the EU negotiator facing the British Brexit negotiators is a Frenchman who wants to fine them six billion. Yes!

26th December 2016

12:00pm: My tweets
  • Mon, 04:12: Not George Michael too! All of my heroes are fleeing us in our hour of need.

25th December 2016

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24th December 2016

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21st December 2016

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19th December 2016

12:00pm: My tweets
  • Sun, 22:01: My cat disapproves of my behavior. What shall I do?
  • Sun, 22:02: RT @Rosie: This is a national emergency, and treating it like normal is criminally negligent of our duty to American democracy. - bill moy…
  • Sun, 22:03: RT @AkilahObviously: the hailest of maries. https://t.co/jIvrBRWZ9O
  • Sun, 22:09: RT @infinite_scream: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH
  • Sun, 22:11: I've been binge-watching Vikings because I think it's important to keep an eye on the propaganda that Nazis use to comfort themselves with.
  • Sun, 23:13: RT @lrush16: take your faith in the EC and pay it back in some damn reparations to the people whose ancestors built this country's wealth
  • Sun, 23:32: We ought to refer to them as Da'esh. People who tell me that English-speaking people refer to them as ISIS are wrong. We call them iSIL.
  • Mon, 09:15: Finally someone explains how I feel https://t.co/hs39IEkKyf
  • Mon, 09:31: RT @dwbwriter: On this day in 1972, Apollo 17 ended. We haven't been to the Moon—indeed, humans haven't left Low Earth Orbit—since. https:/…
  • Mon, 10:08: What if the Secret Service fought the private security detail? Like a rumble, a showdown. Trump could sell it to WWE.

18th December 2016

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16th December 2016

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14th December 2016

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13th December 2016

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12th December 2016

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  • Sun, 12:31: RT @HeerJeet: Interesting there has been so much push-back against Tillerson -- since almost every other Trump proposed nominee is worse.
  • Sun, 12:36: RT @georgegalloway: The most safe and cherished place to be a Christian in the middle-east was Iraq and Syria before the "Christian" countr…
  • Sun, 12:37: RT @MarkHarrisNYC: 1. Today the Trump team attempted to discredit the CIA as the people who falsely said Saddam had weapons of mass destruc…
  • Sun, 12:46: RT @cfhorgan: y'know you're right, that *was* fun to watch. https://t.co/iITPChhGx4
  • Sun, 12:48: RT @fatnutritionist: You all ready to call your reps again? One more time, with feeling? Here's Rebecca Solnit's suggested script: https://…
  • Sun, 12:49: RT @jamisonfoser: Remember when the former Secretary of State told Trump a televised debate that he’s Putin’s puppet?
  • Sun, 12:50: RT @mattmfm: Reminder: this was the blaring headline 6 days before the election. It was a complete lie stemming from an anonymous source.…
  • Sun, 12:58: RT @SenJohnMcCain: #CyberSecurity can't be partisan. The stakes are too high. Will work across aisle to investigate & stop cyberattacks htt…
  • Sun, 22:06: reposting supergee because I barely know how to use LJ anymore https://t.co/yqcybKYAjF
  • Sun, 23:33: RT @mattyglesias: The brewing crisis on the Korean Peninsula, like many important events, hasn't been on TV news much; does Trump know it's…
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11th December 2016

10:06pm: reposting supergee because I barely know how to use LJ anymore

Stross starts a discussion I want to read, and I'm in no shape to read it right now, so I'm posting this as a reminder.
12:00pm: My tweets
  • Sat, 15:14: RT @smoran26: The MSM chose Trump over Hillary because he says insane things they can spin for ratings. 100% profit motive - NO truth here…
  • Sat, 15:16: RT @arthur_affect: Socialism says there's only two real countries in the world: Cold-Blooded Gangsters vs Everyone Else Which is exactly h…
  • Sat, 15:17: RT @Snowden: If only we had been warned the cull of whistleblowers could result in voters lacking access to vital information. https://t.co
  • Sat, 15:22: RT @MrJamesonNeat: Urge your AG to file a lawsuit to enforce the Equal Protection clause to make Hillary Clinton President. https://t.co/cV
  • Sat, 15:28: RT @glennsmith5: when asked if anyone egged him on, #DylannRoof says:"Its pretty much the internet, all the information is there for you."…
  • Sat, 15:29: RT @chasing: So @HillaryClinton ran against the GOP, the Russians, the Green Party, and many Bernie supporters -- and still only lost on a…
  • Sat, 15:39: RT @somebadideas: Hayao Miyazaki doesn't have time for your dehumanizing, virtual bullshit. The greatest thing I've seen in 2016. Via @pano
  • Sat, 15:56: RT @pecunium: In the intel world we call that "compromising information". We treat it as leverage to turn/control an agent. https://t.co/wK
  • Sat, 15:57: RT @existentialcoms: Leibniz: "God created the universe in the most perfect way, so this is the best possible world." Me: "dude, shut the f…
  • Sat, 15:59: RT @mcclure111: One of the most important political discoveries of the last ten years is anti-bank sentiment can be easily mobilized and ex…
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10th December 2016

3:08pm: My tweets
  • Fri, 16:42: RT @mcclure111: They are not trying to hide what they are doing And the white mainstream is not trying to hide that it is on board https://…
  • Fri, 16:45: RT @imagineUCSD: Meet the remarkable African American Women of @nasa who made John Glenn's inaugural orbit around Earth possible https://t…
  • Fri, 18:17: RT @FrankPasquale: FB won't release targeting parameters or video of ad Trump campaign used to try to suppress African-American turnout htt…
  • Fri, 18:23: RT @docrocktex26: It isn't a question of if the @GOP will fuck up, it's to what extent i.e. how much money will be wasted, and how many ppl…
  • Fri, 23:18: I'm radicalized by finding myself surrounded by people freaking out about radicalization. Nothing more is required. https://t.co/GMqRTBAXDJ
  • Sat, 02:59: RT @xeni: “Lock Him Up”
  • Sat, 03:01: Tom Morello is vindicated, yeah, but I bet he's not happy about it. https://t.co/zWjtOFcHoe
  • Sat, 04:08: Goddamn, but that is a weird, disturbing, but interesting idea. I guess that's why they call you Oscar Wilde, becau… https://t.co/8ZNsvFHhbq
  • Sat, 04:12: Christianity has never made any sense to me, but the admonition to love my enemy always has. Any other religion teach love of one's enemies?
  • Sat, 04:23: No, srsly. I know Alec Baldwin is a weird dude, but he's on a mission this time and he needs your help! https://t.co/5D3yOfwaH6
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9th December 2016

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8th December 2016

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7th December 2016

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5th December 2016

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3rd December 2016

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