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21st October 2016

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17th October 2016

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16th October 2016

9:16pm: DeCONgestant
Everything amazing that happened to me at the con is too personal and new for me to post about here right now, so I'll just post about how I arranged to get some solo non-social time, some exercise, and got to enjoy a beautiful October day by leaving the con during daylight hours.

I had brought all my heavy stuff home already through the kindness of a friend, but I had left my bicycle at the hotel. I said my goodbyes, and in order to catch a bus (they have bike-racks on them here) to escape from suburban hell and get back into the city, I had to figure out how to ride my bike north across I-494 to where the actual useful bus stops are. France Ave is still a no-go crossing for me on a bicycle, so I headed east to the York-Xerxes crossing. The pocket internet computer makes this sort of navigation so much easier than it used to be.

Managed to cross the Interstate intact and found the bus stop I wanted. Rode north through scary Edina and overshot my stop at 50th and Xerxes. Rode down a hill through amazing fall color (just keep repeating "through amazing fall color" during the rest of this post, I'm not going to do it myself) and cycled round the southern part of Lake Harriet, on the road with the cars, because I would have been salmoning on the bike trail. Up and down the bluffs along south Harriet. Then off down Minnehaha Creek, which was flooded enough to be impressive, but not flooded enough to interrupt my trail.

Lake Hiawatha was particularly spectacular, but I have sentimental connections to that neighborhood.

I wound up crossing Hiawatha Ave at 46th St, and headed north for home from there once I got to Minnehaha Ave.

10th October 2016

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9th October 2016

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6th October 2016

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5th October 2016

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3rd October 2016

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  • Mon, 13:48: RT @GGevirtz: #Trump campaign is blatantly calling for voter intimidation at the polls. Be prepared. Screenshot, copy and carry this with y…

1st October 2016

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  • Sat, 02:55: And next time, we will drop a ferret into your bathtub! https://t.co/H91D0nA8wM
  • Sat, 03:40: The perils of citing youtube, when they get a takedown notice, I need to delete my tweet too. And then retweet.
  • Sat, 04:02: RT @BinesiM: Acknowledge white skin privilege but don't let "white skin" delegitimize or create shame a/r your identity - that's white powe…
  • Sat, 04:05: 1/ So after I reread Ptolemy Tompkins's first book, I reread /The Broken Spears/, which is now a standard undergraduate college textbook.
  • Sat, 04:20: RT @BasicIncomeOrg: Claus Offe: "we should not think of basic income as a panacea but it can put a bottom to the income distribution" #bien
  • Sat, 04:34: I don't know wtf Elon Musk is on about with his Mars stuff, but it never made any sense to me to skip past the Moon. https://t.co/YF55ZxT01s

25th September 2016

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24th September 2016

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23rd September 2016

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  • Fri, 17:27: RT @maassp: Calling Kafka: Chelsea Manning is sentenced to solitary confinement for her suicide attempt. https://t.co/ykwOxll644
  • Fri, 17:33: RT @bogiperson: backed this now that i have money objects. $5+ gets you a video recording of event! 7th NYC Intersex Awareness Day: https:/…

20th September 2016

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12th September 2016

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10th September 2016

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6th September 2016

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5th September 2016

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  • Mon, 09:16: RT @ChuckTingle: every moment is a chance to PROVE LOVE do not take this for granted you are so special and important and YOU make love rea…

1st September 2016

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30th August 2016

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27th August 2016

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26th August 2016

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  • Fri, 00:30: I just discovered Kendrick Lamar. Got so lucky that way.
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  • Fri, 00:08: RT @Enceladosaurus: Casual reminder that TW are not censorship. They merely afford survivors & disabled folks an opportunity to prepare for…

23rd August 2016

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19th August 2016

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