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  • Fri, 23:00: RT @LouisatheLast: A reminder for people determined to glorify overwork and tell "kids today" that they're soft: our ancestors fought and D…
  • Fri, 23:01: RT @JordanPeele: 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
  • Sat, 03:12: RT @brianklaas: Try explaining this paragraph to someone who went into a coma a few years ago and just woke up. Via @PoliticoKevin https://…
  • Sat, 03:12: RT @JoyAnnReid: Specifically to Trump supporters: why do you suddenly believe that the unemployment rate is 4.7% and not 35-49% like you th…
  • Sat, 04:10: Absurdly Orwellian! I'm so happy I've been wallowing in Homage to Catalonia and Keep the Aspidistra Flying lately.
  • Sat, 04:12: Right at this moment, I'm obsessed with the work of a trio of recent workers: Paul Churchland, Octavia Butler, George Orwell.
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