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  • Mon, 00:18: White men are trash.
  • Mon, 01:52: RT @arkuatb: I'm going to say it again: ethnic cleansing is being launched in the USA, and we need to stop it because it will wreck the cou…
  • Mon, 02:50: My cottage is infested with mice. I am not accustomed to thinking of my fellow mammals as vermin, but these mice, they've got to go.
  • Mon, 03:34: Paul Ryan's current office, Speaker of the House, is not defined in the Constitution. It's defined in ordinary legislation.
  • Mon, 03:42: RT @_L_M_C_: White men are prized by poachers for their thin skins and their enlarged sense of entitlement, which is used in some tradition…
  • Mon, 03:43: RT @_Buddha_Quotes: There are these five clinging-aggregates: form, feeling, perception, impulses and consciousness.
  • Mon, 04:06: Retweets are not endorsements.
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