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  • Wed, 15:25: RT @NaomiKritzer: After my last Tweet I feel like I should preface re-tweets like this by saying, ONLY IF YOU LIVE IN PA.
  • Wed, 15:37: RT @EllisonCampaign: DeVos is one GOP vote away from being voted down. If you live in PA, call Sen. Toomey's office NOW and tell him to vot…
  • Thu, 01:29: One actual result of my having read Plato; I joined the YWCA, and had my first ever session with a trainer. More fun than running in armor.
  • Thu, 01:37: Confession: I've studied under trainers before, but those ones only taught me various weird ways of fighting, like epee, or bastard aikido.
  • Thu, 01:39: This trainer wasn't interested in my fighting; this trainer just wanted me to stretch what needed stretching and build what needed building.
  • Thu, 01:46: RT @NickBaumann: A state is saying the federal govt is not following lawful court orders -- i.e., that rule of law is breaking down: https:…
  • Thu, 01:57: RT @hobnob99: We need one of these for a presidency. Angel shot with lime, please 😐
  • Thu, 02:07: I understand she needs to stay away from DJT, but a taxpayer-funded divorce would be a much less expensive way to e…
  • Thu, 09:43: RT @ParkerMolloy: Missing in the debate over Milo and free speech and yadda yadda etc., is that getting paid to speak at a university is no…
  • Thu, 10:37: RT @SLAwrites: A transgender radio reporter wrote a blog post questioning "both sides" journalism. Then he got fired. My interview: https:/…
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