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  • Sat, 01:55: RT @brosandprose: I've officially reached nirvana I'm using herpes as a way to deflect men I'm not interested in
  • Sat, 02:25: RT @itchbay: Gingers beware!!
  • Sat, 02:26: People are talking about Russia. I got my bach as a history major. Seriously, if you're completely ignorant of the history of Russia...
  • Sat, 04:07: RT @JKH2: This is the best explanation of gerrymandering you will ever see
  • Sat, 04:17: Justice, a blind woman wearing a scarf in the Geordi La Forge position. Carrying a sword and a pair of scales, her talismans.
  • Sat, 04:18: Liberty, a woman bearing a torch and a book enfolded to her breast. She also has this weird spiky French halo around her head.
  • Sat, 04:18: These two women love one another. They support one another.
  • Sat, 11:57: RT @GeorgeTakei: Make no mistake: The ICE raids in six states are not business as usual. They are meant to terrorize and destabilize our ci…
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