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  • Sat, 03:10: RT @FunkyJazzCat: Yo remember when MRAs where calling women feminazis as insults, but now the same demographic doesn't want to call Nazis N…
  • Sat, 03:12: RT @DylanByers: The view from Manhattan, the view from Hamburg...
  • Sat, 03:12: RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Even if you had no idea who Tomi Lahren was, the "who to follow" list when you look at her Twitter tells you everything…
  • Sat, 03:13: RT @haymarketbooks: On February 4, 1999, Amadou Diallo was killed by four plain-clothes NYPD officers–they fired a combined 41 shots. All f…
  • Sat, 03:16: RT @scott_tobias: Find someone to look at you the way these guys look at a bill freeing mining companies to dump coal debris in streams. ht…
  • Sat, 03:30: So many new Senators to evaluate. I like the new class, but is Tulsi Gabbard really a water protector?
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